RF Engineer

Date:  Aug 1, 2022
Division:  Plasma Control Technologies (40000002)

Beijing, CN

Requisition ID:  6093
  1. Main Tasks and targets
    1. Research and development of RF technology including VC tech. 
    2. Design and simulate RF match circuit and RF filter.
    3. Participate in internal and external R&D projects (Including Government projects)
    4. Create and design electric circuit on PCB 
  2. Tasks/Responsibility
    1. Develop innovative RF solutions to solve complex plasma power delivery problems
    2. Develop  RF configuration and electrical circuit for COMET custom RF auto-match products
    3. Assemble and test for prototype RF products
    4. Operate and maintain test fixtures and test methods
    5. Carry out multiple function like a assembly, internal test and development
    6. Assist in match products with critical technologies and transit into production
    7. Assist application engineers in the field to develop new opportunities for products