Date:  Aug 6, 2022
Division:  Plasma Control Technologies (40000002)

Shanghai, CN

Requisition ID:  5455
  • 负责按操作岗位OMS的质量标准和指定的产量产品的安装、调试和包装并确保准时完成。
  •  Assemble, test and pack products or subassemblies to quality and quantity standards according to the OMS and customer’s requirements.
  • 按照生产计划准时生产。
  • - Finish production tasks on time according to production plan and arrangement.
  • 根据岗位要求收集、记录和填写测试结果和质量数据。
  • - Collect, record and file test results and quality data on forms, charts, graphs, terminals, etc. for product/process control. If needed, submit to statistician for filing.
  • 根据过程文件进行操作以确保文件和执行的一致性。
  • - Perform in accordance with process document to ensure process consistence and compliance with ISO stipulation.
  • 生产现场严格按5SESD和质量检查要求进行操作。
  • - Strictly implement 5S, ESD and TQC practice.
  • 如发生影响生产计划或产品质量的问题应及时向生产线经理和工程师汇报。
  • - Inform Manager, engineer about any issue from material, tooling or process problems that may affect production schedules or product quality.
  • - 负责生产线原材料的盘点,保证系统与实物数量的准确性和一致性
  • Responsible for materials physical counting, ensure quantity between SAP and on line are accurate and equal.